Thursday, July 16, 2015

Step 5d: Framing a Cabin With Recycled Barn Wood

This day was full of excitement as we started to board up the cabin.  We had traded some logs and standing trees on the property for old plywood taken down from an old barn.  The day before we simply tacked the plywood to the side of the cabin and this day we began to cut off the excess plywood and the cabin began to take shape. 

As you may or may not notice the beams on the roof are hanging over.  This is because I drove up in a two door sports car and did not have enough room to bring all of my tools.  Luckily my neighbor and new good friends was going to try to find us a saw for tomorrow.  Until then we just let the beams have excess.  We sided as much as we could until we ran out of plywood.  My neighbor also found me a ladder which was a God send.  Without it, I am not sure we would have been able to frame the rest of the tiny home.

We finally got a saw and I began to cut off the beams on the back end of the cabin. The tiny home was finally beginning to take shape.

Stay tuned....

479 Mang Road (8.9 Acres) 
Salisbury Center, NY 13365 
Little Falls, Herkimer County