Thursday, July 9, 2015

Step 5c: Tarping Up the Cabin & The Clean Up Crew

Well we were far from done on Thursday July 9, 2015 but I needed to get back home.  Me and my buddy Mike put a tarp over the top.  We still had one more piece of plywood to finish the top but it was easier climbing the inside them our other option (we had no other option, we only had a ladder that could reach the roof from the inside).  Picture of the open spot in the roof from the inside:

Tarp it up!!!!!!!  I like to leave the work area clean....

Here is a picture of the back side of the cabin after we had put plywood on it the day before. 

Spent most of the day cleaning and nailing in what we could after tacking the plywood boards up the day before...

It pained me to leave the project midway but I needed to get back home to run my other businesses.  I planned to come back up in a week or so.  Stay tuned.....

479 Mang Road (8.9 Acres) 
Salisbury Center, NY 13365 
Little Falls, Herkimer County