Thursday, July 16, 2015

Step 5e: Weather Protecting The Tiny Home Built From Recycled Material

Time was of the essence so I put the camera down and got to work.  First we inserted the windows which were definitely a challenge and then I took a trip to Lowes.  I picked up weather wrap to wrap the side of the house and roofing asphalt.

When I got on the roof the first thing I did was cut off the excess beams which really made the house take shape...

For the roofing I picked up an asphalt based roll which was like a giant sticker.  I simply peeled off the sticker and stuck it to the roof in layers.  It was really easy. 

After the roof I got down and me and my buddy wrapped the house with the weather protector from Lowes. It really made the house take shape. 

We put the final windows in and the cabin, except for the siding, was pretty much done.

I was getting anxious since I had to leave the next day and the sun was just about down.  I took a few pictures of the cabin and we called it a day. The next day I only had a few hours but I still wanted to get some work finished, so I spent the rest of the night deciding what I could get done in 2-3 hours the nest morning so when I got up I could get to work.

Stay tuned...

479 Mang Road (8.9 Acres) 
Salisbury Center, NY 13365 
Little Falls, Herkimer County