Friday, March 29, 2013

Step 2: Get some LAND

Before I jump to Step 1b, I want to put up the pictures of the land I have.  And sometimes in life, you have to take two step forward and then go back lol.  The real estate agent took the pictures last summer and I drove up there to walk the property...but when I did there was about 4 feet of snow covering the almost 9 acres.  I walked for about half hour and got about 100 to 150 yards.  I sat in the snow straight up in the clearing after walking over trees laying on the ground and what seemed to be rocks protruding from the grounds.  I didn't see much except there was a wall all around the property made of stone...could I move them??

It will be good to start focusing my IDEA Steps on the geography and landscape of the land....

The above picture is of a driveway that was started to be cleared out...It took me forever to get down that drive way.  If you look at the grounds, they look moist...survey says I need to fill the land (sand probably)...

I got to about where the branches are in the back of the picture right before the green trees.  The giant log on the side I remember walking over...again when I walked it, there was too much snow...

The clearing is only about 2 to 3 acres.  A few days ago I got a respond from a farmer who wants to lease about 2-3 acres for the summer...may be a good way to pay for operations, or trade for the labor??  

I don't know what kind of trees these are and at first I didn't care...then the farmer who I talked to said next time I go to see the property, he would walk it with me and show me which trees could make us some money.  He said maple trees we keep, with syrup at $75 a gallon its a great gig lol  Ummm okay.  You learn something new everyday, like, there's a little ching-ching in trees when you think sustainable farming and building!

Another shot of the grounds...there's the water..can you see it? far to a well??  I called a local driller and he said it would cost about $25-$50 a foot to drill and we need to go from about 25-60 feet...that's a high of $3,000...ain't nobody got time for that!!!  How about some maple syrup???  Hope I have the trees!!

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479 Mang Road
(8.9 Acres)
Salisbury, NY 13365 
Little Falls, Herkimer County