Saturday, March 30, 2013

Step 1b: IDEAS for the Inside of Green Buildings

OK we talked about the outside of the building, let get inspired for the inside of the building.  We still have not gathered any material and we are looking for IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS!!!!  All on how to build an Eco friendly building.  When we are done the applications can be used for small homes, mansions, castles, or any infrastructure that decides it wants to build from materials that impact the earth less!!

Ideas that inspire green building for the interiors ...GO!

The stair cases are made out of pallets.  I know I can get these things for neighbor burns them for firewood because his jobs just throws them out!  This building is in Amsterdam and i found it on, a very cool site on Green Building.  They even made nice tables and chairs out of pallets....

Good way to cover a wall and craigslist is full of people giving away old furniture under the "free" section.  As long as it's close by or on the way, it may just work..

I like what they did with the old piping...

Bit much....maybe..

Need it...want!

Inside of shipping container castle....not sure where its from...

That pipe again repurposed for a light bulb this time!  Anyone got any old pipe?

As always I will be posting more ideas on the Facebook page

Read me next post when I write: ...Step 1c: IDEAS for the Power of Green Buildings and as always, please comment and share ideas...

-Nicholas Coriano