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Ways To Make Money Investing In Raw Land

So if you don't know who I am, you can find my story all over the internet.  I vlog on youtube about land investing and run several online businesses (just google my name Nicholas Coriano).  In a recent vlog, I  listed some ways to make money investing in raw land.  The video has gotten positive response, you can see the video below, so I wanted to transcribe it here (sorry for any typos in advance, it was transcribed by a computer):


Ways To Make Money Investing In Raw Land

Welcome back to another episode of "An Entrepreneur's Journey" today. I am going to talk about all the ways you can make money from raw land. So in my last video I told you guys why I invested in land basically because I didn't have enough money to invest in houses and homes, I didn't have the criteria, the time, I was tired of waiting and it was a great time. So I don't always think land investing is a great idea just like any investments, no blanket statements over here so but if you can get it at the right price, remember guys you win or lose when you buy. So if you do your comparables and you understand the market and understand you're getting it cheaper than anyone else can get it and you understand that you can sell it for more then it's probably a good idea.

But the purpose of this video is to tell you guys all the ways you can make money using land. I have well over 12 ways that I've written down on a little list here and I'm gonna share with you guys so let's get started.

Flipping Raw Land

The first way is the flip method, right. Everybody knows this, buy cheap sell expensive, right. Buy low sell high. So if you do an analysis of the comparables in the area and you see that they're actually selling, right. It doesn't matter you can get it cheaper if they're not actually selling anywhere, right. So you have to be able to make sure that you can sell it. That's the flip method. There's two ways to do the flip method, there's wholesale and retail. So you can go to auctions or you can go online, negotiate it with the seller, get it cheaper and then sell it to someone who's already in the business of selling land. That's a wholesale method. Or you can go straight to the consumer and put up ads on eBay or or commercial loopnet, land watch, all these sites where you can sell land. So that's a retail method. They also have... That's just a straight flip, right. So you buy for $500, you sell it for 1,000. You get a land as cheap as $100, $150, right. So that was my biggest concern when I was starting. I didn't have enough money but I had an online blogs and I could come up with150 bucks so that's how I started acquiring land and usually the profits are between 400 500 1000% depending on what you get it at. So that's the flip method.

Selling You Raw Land via Land Contract

The other flip method is a land contract where you can sell it to someone for $99 down, $99 a month, right, for 10 months. So this is for someone who doesn't, maybe you're trying to sell it for $1,000, someone doesn't have the whole $1,000 but willing to give it to you on land payments. Great way to create a stream of income. So that's the land contract. So we got flipping, we got the land contract.

Utilizing The Option Contract in Raw Land Deals

I have the option contract, this is a underutilized tool. This basically gives somebody the option to hold the property but what's pretty cool about this is if you have people that are on the fence and you're waiting for income, no one's coming around to buy your land but someone says, "Would you hold it for me?" I'd say, "Yeah sure. Give me 50 bucks, give me 100 bucks, give me 1,000 bucks." Depending on the parcel and the asking price, right. And I'll hold it for a month, two months, three months. If they don't buy it, if they don't come back and buy it for the predetermined price... So an option contract works like this, I have a piece of land for sale for 1,000 bucks and I say I'll hold it to you for 50 bucks for the next 30 days. If they don't come, the 50 bucks is yours. If they come and buy it, they still have to pay you the 1,000 so it's a win-win situation. 

Farming Leases on Raw Land

Farming lease, so if you guys, I don't care if you're in the middle of the desert or you're in the hills or in the mountains, there's farmers out there and they will lease your land to grow crops, to house their animals, whatever that may be. That's a great way to keep the asset, pay down the taxes, and have income coming in. So that's a farming lease.

Making Money Selling Mineral Rights from Land

Minerals, there's a lot of minerals on your land, right. So I own land in upstate New York, they have timber there in the form of trees, right. Loggers actually paid me to come and take down some of the trees in exchange for some money and some lumber. I actually bartered a deal there but there's value in the trees. So my point you can sell the trees as timber, dirt, if there's dirt on the ground. If you are in the middle of the desert, this is different. You can sell the sand but same thing, dirt, sand, right. These are all things resources that you're gonna buy a Home Depot or Lowe's so you can be the actual supplier there. Stone, right, that's another one. So in the minerals, right, timber, stone, dirt.

Monetizing Land through Development Deals

Development deals, that's another one. I'm not going to even number these, I'm just gonna go through. Development deals so that's where partners, right. So if you know a construction company, a home builder, a carpenter, a handyman even, these are people that you can do development deals. You can you know, have a house built on the property and sell it for more, you can have a hotel built on the property and sell it for more. Depends on who you partner with, where the land is, how much it's worth, and what resources the other partner brings to the table. Well development deals are great, they also call these joint venture deals. It's basically just a deal, right. A partnership with someone who has probably the building capabilities to develop the property. It could be anything, right. It could be, maybe there's a guy that you found that puts down asphalt which he maybe could build a go-track for you, right, a go-cart track for you or a parking lot which is actually one of my other ones that we can get to. So development deals both commercial and home building.

Turning Land into Campgrounds

Campgrounds, I think this is great for a lot of people that have land in the woods or in the desert. There's a lot of, I don't wanna call them apes, but people that love the outdoors campers, right. Like me I love camping, it's part of the reason why I love my land investments. I go to upstate New York all the time and camp but you can actually rent it out for camping. Something interesting I've seen is people renting it out for camping on the Airbnb. So going to Airbnb and time sharing it out, right, say in the month of July you guys get to camp there, the month of August you guys get to camp there and it's $100 per month, right. So you can break that down.

Other Ways to Make Money with Raw Land

Then I'm gonna run through this other list which is just really quick, just other ideas. Cemeteries, right. And I'm gonna give you guys a tip on how to actually get these things approved at the end of this list. So cemeteries, flea markets another thing you can do on raw land, parking lots depending on where the land is, RV storage depending on where the land is, or just any kind of store. Sometimes big boat storage, right, they don't have anywhere to put it, farmers markets if you're in the middle of in the woods, billboard rentals if you're along any kind of road really and some of those rentals, some of those billboards you can put up for your own businesses which is interesting. So it may not be that you can generate income for somebody else writing a billboard but it may be you're putting up a billboard on the land and you're driving traffic to your own business. Cell phone tower leasing, so big major cell phone towers cellular providers, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, they lease towers,right. They lease the space from these towers. The more in the middle of nowhere you are and if you don't have service somewhere and you go up to your land and you don't have cell phone service, that may be a really good idea, right, because they are always trying to get to where there is no service. So always trying to have a nationwide coverage. Actual farming, so you can actually make money from growing vegetables there or plants. I like perennials, I like flowers, just because I don't have to take care of them so I do that on one of my New York properties. It's a long term investment, right, if in 10 years I have a couple thousand flowers and I can get a $10,000 check for it would be great. Small stocks so a lot of people raise animals on their land, right. You can actually raise chickens or smaller stock, something that you can take care of. That would go again with the joint venture idea, right. So finding someone to actually work at 40 so it's a little bit more passive but those are all ways to make money with raw land.

And the great thing is there's no tenants, it's really alternative, there's not a lot of people looking at it currently. There's more today than yesterday as everything but here's a quick tip. I wanted to give you guys a quick tip on how to get any of those things done. So you talk about building a campground on a joint venture and my zone for that and my license for that, how did I bring electricity? You can have all these questions. Or where do I find the properties? And I have a basic rule for you guys, always go back to the county or the city or the township and go to town hall, that's the man, right. So you don't need to listen any more tapes, pick up the phone, call's either the Treasurer in that County or the Planning and Zoning Department but generally if you call Town Hall and you ask them what you're looking for like, "Hey, I wanna know you know, what it would take for me to put a campground here. Or hey I wanna know what it would take for me to put electricity here or for me to subdivide." That's another one that I don't know if I hit which was yeah so subdividing. So if you subdivide property up 10 acre parcel, you subdivide it into quarter parcels, they'll make you a lot more money by subdividing but any of those questions usually can be answered with the county or the town that they're in so if you call their City Hall, they're gonna have all that stuff on record. It's also a great place to buy land, sometimes they have overstock where the taxes are back due, they can also tell you when the auctions are in that category, in that area.

But that's really all the ways that I know how to make land. I'm sure there's more. If you have some or if you've done some put them in the comment section below, I wanna use the forum on YouTube to help other entrepreneurs succeed. Those are all the ways to invest in raw land that I've seen, that I've thought of and some of them that I've monetized, some of them that I'm still playing with. Follow me on Twitter @NicholasCoriano, N-I-C-H-O-L-A-S-C-O-R-I-A-N-O. See all my land for sale at homeskape, See me blogging about building a tiny home at and we'll tune in next time for "An Entrepreneur's Journey", I'm not sure what we're going to talk about next time but we are gonna make some more videos about land investing so I hope this was helpful. Share with your friends if you guys think it's helpful. If you have any other questions put it in the comment section below or hit me up on Twitter and thanks again guys for joining another episode of "An Entrepreneur's Journey" where i document and journal all the things that I've been doing in the business world.


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