Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Land & Shipping Container Homes For Sale

Homeskape is a sustainable living solutions company.  We are known for our shipping container homes for sale and raw land for sale around the USA.  We started under the umbrella of Homescape LLC where why you do something is more important than what you do.  The mission of Homescape LLC is "Profit with a Purpose".  In that vein, Homeskape mission is as follows:
"The mission of Homeskape is to shelter the world in a sustainable cost effective manner"
The Homeskape history is colored.  We were born with the ideology that homes prices are too expensive and investing in real estate should bring a bigger return than current market conditions.  We think consumers deserve more bang for the buck.  This way of thinking forces us to offer land at lower prices and think out-side of the box when it comes to designing living spaces, working spaces and places to play.

If you are interested in buying or investing in land across the USA, we can help.  View our land holdings for sale on LandWatch, which can also be seen by going to  We can source the right piece of land for you!  We understand land investments and land values.  Sourcing the right piece of land allows you to buy real estate undervalued and creates a high up-side potential on your investment.  We love to teach too!  We have dedicated our YouTube channel to teaching others about smart land investing, sustainable building, real estate law and other topics that allow consumers to make educated decisions when it comes to real estate.  Start a conversation with our team by emailing

If you are interested in smart design and construction services for homes or shipping container homes for sale; then you are at the right place.  Smart space design allows us to get more square footage for living, working and playing -- for far less money.  Sustainable living comes in many shapes and forms and we are constant students on sustainable living solutions.  Building smart means understanding your needs and budget and constructing space around those perimeters.  Style and beauty are mixed with creative ideas to build you the ultimate structure.  We are not constrained to only building from one material and consult clients on building their dream structure at a cost effective price.  Our current series of shipping container houses include:

Our team is accessible and ready to answer any questions you have in a friendly free consultation and exploratory call.   Email to schedule a call to discuss unlocking the potential in your real estate investment.