Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Step 5a: Starting the Siding -- Putting Up the Roof Beams and Installing Windows on the Tiny Cabin

I work, and 3 weeks past until I was able to come back up.  When I got back to the build site I had managed to hire 3 country boys from around town.  Really cool guys and together we got a ton done.  We put in the first window which only took two minutes and then began siding the house with reclaimed plywood.  Since I was only up for 4 days I decided not to cut to roof beams right away.....

Since I only had the guys helping for the one day, we nailed down the plywood on the roof as soon as possible, no one wanted to be up there.  We left an opening in the back so the next morning I could go on the roof and start laying the roofing.  

Its not a good idea to put the roof on before siding the tiny house with plywood.  It shifted the beams a fraction of an inch but enough to start causing some major headaches.  We put up the plywood on the sides of the tiny cabin as fast as possible and kept it moving...

-Stay Tuned....


479 Mang Road (8.9 Acres) 
Salisbury Center, NY 13365 
Little Falls, Herkimer County