Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Step 1e: IDEAS for Water & Power of Green Buildings

Well I am on my last post in my IDEA Step and I am already thinking about what I need to do in Step 3 to gather material.  We have gone over ideas for plumbing and eco-friendly building, as well as Ideas for the inside and the outside of our green business incubator.

Last post, while thinking about piping and plumbing the building, I made the decision that all the water will come from the sky, yes we will harvest rain water.  This is optimal since our Eco-Friendly Headquarters will be in Upstate New York, as opposed to the desert where our Water options are not as fruitful.  

This post, I am working on ways to build the power source from the water collected.  As I mentioned in the last post my issue with the current water harvest systems, which collect rain from the roofs of houses, complexes, barns, and large buildings; is the use of the WATER PUMP!

Less is better.  My goal is to eliminate the water pump in the rain harvesting or collecting system I design and generate electricity instead of using it!  How? 

Most systems are collecting the water off the roof and then it goes down a pipe to a storage tank.  See our last post for pictures.  Once in the storage tank, the water pump (which needs electricity or some sort of power) is used to run in through the filter AND send it back up to the top of the structure, so gravity can send it back down through the faucets and shower heads.  I think the water pump phase of this process is not necessary......

Imagine the "Water Storage" tank on the roof.  As well, the filters will be needed to be placed in the attic.  Gravity will do the rest.  Why pump the water back up to the top when it comes from the sky in the first place??

Now while the water comes down by necessity (meaning when we need to use it in the building), we can create energy from the gravity pressure the water creates as it comes from the Water Storage Tank above the building.  Every time we use water, we generate free electricity.

Solar panels and wind turbines are cool but are they really green???  Spending hundreds and sometimes thousands for products that need to be shipped across the globe...all that pollution!  And where do the materials come from that the solar panels or wind turbines are made of?  Did they run bulldozers with large diesel engines 24 hours in a row to dig up the ground for the plastics, metals, and glass?? (which are inherent materials in these products)

Don't get me wrong, solar panels and wind turbines are leaps ahead than the average grid of power, as far as sustainability.  But we should never lose focus on creating LESS IMPACT!


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