Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The History of Homeskape

Homeskape™, started as a blog in 2011.  The goal was to create a brand around Homeskape™ that would encompass sustainable living, farming, camping, home building and all things real estate related.  Homeskape™ the brand is a dba of Homescape LLC, a Connecticut Limited Liability Company.  Homescape LLC, the parent company, started as a construction company in 2006 and now operates as a holding company for multiple ventures.

Since the blog began, the goal was simply to document everything real estate related that happened at Homescape LLC.  In that time we have grown into a full fledged real estate investing and construction company.  Under the direction of Nick, the founder, the company was sub-contracted to work for Tischler Windows and Doors (Tischler und Sohn (U.S.A.)) where work consisted of installations and repairs for windows and doors on multi-million dollar homes and buildings.  The company acted as a general contractor and subcontractor for a variety of building & landscaping projects until 2007, when the founder returned to University.

In 2012, after the founder had graduated with a doctorate in law, the company rebooted and the parent company began purchasing raw land throughout the U.S.A.  The company began to market the land for sale under the DBA Homeskape™ with accounts on places like Ebay, Craigslist and  The company currently has all of its' land for sale on which points to the Homeskape™ LandWatch account.  The company continues to buy and sell land throughout the United States. 

At the end of 2012, the beginning of 2013 the company expanded its online efforts with the purchase and development of additional real estate websites ArizonaLand.CO, DesertLand.US and  In the same year 8.9 acres in upstate New York was built and an experiment began.  What if you could build a corporate headquarters and homestead with no money?  See the update on The Homeskape Project here

In 2013 the company created the DesertLand.US REIT Management Service for family offices and investors looking to invest in large amounts of real estate in the United States and have Homescape LLC manage the sale, lease or farming of the land. 

In 2017, while finding success in land investing, land sales and REIT management, the company went back to its construction roots and began offering prefab homes, specifically shipping container conversions.  The company now offers shipping container homes delivered in all 48 states.  The container house is an affordable option for many and can be purchased with or without land.  The company currently markets several options of shipping container homes, shipping container cabins and shipping container offices and can custom build and deliver container homes in all sizes.  See all of our shipping container homes for sale here. 

Email us today for information about our land for sale (most with owner financing or only $100 down and $100 per month) or for more information about our shipping container homes for sale.