Monday, February 13, 2017

Land Investing 101: Defeasible Fees

Okay, the secret is out.  I am currently studying for my bar exam.  In the process, I must study real property law and other areas of law that pertain to real estate and may be helpful to a real estate or land investor.  I figured since I was studying anyways, I might as well put each topic one video at a time.  I also started a YouTube channel which can be seen here.

In this video I discuss defeasible fees.  A defeasible fee is a fee simple life estate of potentially infiate duration.  There are three different types of defeasible fees. 
  1. Fee Simple Determinable
  2. Fee Simple Subject to a Condition Subsequent (right of re-entry) and
  3. Fee Simple Subject to an Executory Limitation.
I explain in further detail each one in a separate video.

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